Twitter Music service is a flop, may soon be shut down

In the wake of countless music streaming services popping up over the past several years, Twitter’s own offering never made much of an impact. AllThingsD reports that Twitter will likely be shuttering its own #Music app after downloads have nearly slowed to a halt since Twitter launched the service back in April. Initial numbers were reportedly promising, but Twitter could not maintain the momentum and now Twitter #Music cannot even be found in the App Store’s top 1,000 apps according to market data company Onavo Insights.

The story of Twitter #Music looks to be nearly identical to that of Apple’s iTunes Ping, another failed social networking service that never found its niche in a very crowded market. Unlike Ping, which appears to be dead for good, Twitter still maintains a music team that is hard at work finding a new way to make its mark while continuing to partner with more successful music-based products, such as Spotify, Rdio and iTunes Radio. AllThingsD states that its sources did not provide a timetable for the end of Twitter #Music.


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