Nokia announces official Instagram, Flipboard and Vine apps for Windows Phones

It seems like Windows Phone users’ collective prayers have been finally answered. At the ongoing Nokia World 2013 event in Abu Dhabi, Nokia announced that official Instagram, Flipboard and Vine apps will finally be landing on the Windows Phone platform later this year.

For the longest time, Windows Phone users have had to make do with unofficial variants of popular apps like Instagram and Vine among others. Earlier this year, Nokia released an app called #2instawithlove, which was a desperate plea to Microsoft to bring the popular social photography app to the Windows Phone platform. Following that, in July developer Rudy Huyn released an unofficial Vine app called 6Sec, which as the name suggests let users record and share six second videos. The release of the official apps will surely be welcomed by users with wide open arms.

Additionally, Nokia also released some new apps of its own which includes the likes of the Nokia Video Director, an app that lets users create, edit and share customized videos directly from the Lumia 2520. The Nokia Beamer lets users project documents, maps, location details or even the camera viewfinder from one’s phone to an HTML5 enabled screen. The Nokia Storyteller app automatically integrates the photos on one’s phone with HERE location information and collates a chronological picture journey on a map. Lastly, Papyrus and InNote are new note-taking apps which can recognize handwriting.


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