Nimbuzz launches international voice calling over Internet for 1 paisa per second

Nimbuzz today has announced its partnership with Spectranet hello ip to launch cheap international voice calls over Internet starting from today. This Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service will actually allow users in India to make voice calls abroad (inlcuding countries like the US, UK and Canada) at only 1 paisa per second call rates. This is a prepaid service for which one will have to recharge their calling credit account on Nimbuzz though credit card payments. Besides this data charges will be applicable to use this service.

To use this service, one will first have to create an account on Nimbuzz, which will enable them to use the Spectranet hello ip dialer for international calling by buying calling credit through credit card. This service will actually work like the way Skype calling cards work for making international calls.

Spectranet hello ip is only an outbound calling service and thus this service will not support domestic calling within India.

The service will work with all data networks and Wi-Fi. The company also says to have set up 24×7 call and email support to assist users.


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