An iWatch concept brings iOS 7 to Nike Fuelband

A very cool iWatch concept made by Thomas Bogner brings iOS 7 design language and features to Nike Fuelband like iWatch.

Bogner’s iWatch concept features Siri-style voice input for apps like Mail, Messages, and Calandar, and Music control, and features integrated Nike fitness software like Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.

While it’s certainly just a product of the imagination to the public at least at this point, it’s important to note our report earlier this year that Tim Cook was organizing a team of fitness and sensor experts around the iWatch project.

Cook, also a Nike Director, is known to wear the fitness-focused Fuel Band. The executive has praised the product. “I think Nike did a really great job with this,” he said at AllThingsD’s D11 conference. “The [wearables] that do more than one thing… aren’t great,” he added. As a company that prides itself on complete, integrated experiences, the smart watch market is one that Apple likely believes it could dominate by way of iPhone and iPad-like innovation.

Perhaps a device that combines the health tracking features of the Nike Fuel Band with the mobile accessibility features of smart watches like the Pebble would be a compelling enough sell for Apple to redefine the wearable computing market.


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