Apple’s first iPhone 5s TV video ad is all about Gold: ‘Metal Mastered’ now available to watch online [Video]

Following the recent launch of Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, the latter has been the focus of all of the company’s TV advertisements. This was seemingly a good play, since early estimates from industry watchers suggest that Apple’s iPhone 5s pretty much sells itself. The company is apparently now ready to put some of its massive marketing budget to work for the 5s, however, as it recently released its first television ad for the flagship phone. Dubbed “Metal Mastered,” the ad simply shows liquid gold slowly being formed into the gold iPhone 5s housing. In fact, Apple’s first iPhone 5s ad is pretty much the same commercial the company used to introduce the world to the iPhone 5c.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5s alongside “the other high-end iPhone,” the iPhone 5c, during a press conference in mid-September. Both new iPhones then launched on September 20th and through the first weekend of availability alone, Apple sold more than 9 million new iPhones.

The iPhone 5s is believed to have made up the lion’s share of that record-smashing figure and numerous subsequent reports have suggested that Apple recently slashed production orders for the iPhone 5c with its manufacturing partners by at least 35%. Meanwhile, Apple has reportedly increased production of the iPhone 5s by roughly 75%, suggesting the company’s margins will benefit a great deal from lopsided sales that heavily favor the more expensive iPhone 5s.


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