TRA: Samsung Mobile is most attractive brand in India

Samsung Mobile is the most attractive brand in India, says Trust Research Advisory (TRA). Across India, the second most attractive brand is the consumer durable company Sony, followed by Nokia as the third most attractive across all categories, TRA said in its latest report.

TRA chief executive officer N. Chandramouli said India’s top three most attractive brands are very close with just 2 percent gap between each other.

South Korean Consumer Electronics brand LG scored the fourth place followed by the country’s home-grown conglomerate, Tata.

The results are based on a primary survey conducted with 2,505 consumers across 16 cities based on matrix of 36 brand attractiveness traits.

“These 36 traits are based on four important things of the brand – rational value, emotional value, aspirational value and communicational value,” Chandramouli said.

TRA, is a brand intelligence company dedicated to understanding and analyzing stakeholder behaviour through two proprietary matrices of brand trust and brand attractiveness.


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