New report claims that Apple iPhone 5S captures slo-mo videos at 480p and not 720p

The string of embarrassing issues on the new iPhones, especially the iPhone 5S, doesn’t seem to be slowing down. After the miscaliberated motion sensors, frequent crashing or apps and the Blue Screen of Death, now it seems the much-talked about slo-mo video recording is not so fancy after all.

Apple made a big deal of the iPhone 5S’ capability to shoot slo-mo videos at 720p. But a series of tests conducted by GSMArena have proved otherwise. Working on a tip-off, they compared a slo-mo video recorded on the iPhone 5S with a 720p video recorded from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As seen in the photo above, there is a big difference between the two. The screen capture from the iPhone 5S shows a lot less details compared to the Galaxy Note 3. The reason could be that Apple actually captures a slo-mo video in lower resolution (480p) and then upscales it to 720p. To prove this notion, they downsized a 720p video captured on the Galaxy Note 3 to 480p and again upscaled it back to 720p. The resulting image was very similar to the one captured on the iPhone 5S.

The upscaling of resolutions is not exactly a big deal, and you won’t notice the difference unless you play these videos on a large display like a TV or a PC monitor. Hopefully Apple will have the issue sorted with a software tweak in the forthcoming iOS 7.1 update.


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