ABI says Moto X has the best display engineering ever done on a smartphone

It might not yet be clear how well Motorola’s Moto X is selling right now, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the first Motorola phone Google played a big role in developing is an impressive engineering feat. The phone is quite small by Android standards and yet it offers very impressive battery life despite its high-definition AMOLED display. According to new research from ABI following its teardown of the Moto X, the HD display plays a huge role in affording owners great battery life. In fact, the firm says Motorola’s Moto X has the “best performance observed in a mobile display to date.”

“This level of performance is so significantly improved that other factors are more likely to govern battery life now,” said ABI Research’s VP of engineering, Jim Mielke. “Automatic dimming and short idle periods before turning off the display will be less crucial and may even be features that fade away from all handsets soon.”

More on the Moto X’s display from ABI’s report: “The phone features a unique always-on voice command system that has drawn a lot of attention but a second marvel exists that is very easily seen but not observed: Moto X’s AMOLED display, which draws just 92mA during bright conditions and 68mA while dim. Battery life has long since been dictated by display technology—the display current could be as high as 700mA under bright conditions just a few years ago. LCD based displays have been evolving too but not quite matching the AMOLED displays performance.”


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