Nike announces more durable, colorful next-gen Nike Fuelband SE, w/ Bluetooth 4.0 and iPhone compatibility

Nike took the stage in NYC yesterday to announce their newest fitness product, the FuelBand SE. It’s a revamped version of the FuelBand introduced in 2012, but includes all sorts of upgrades.

The Fuelband SE can now monitor yoga activity, if stretching on a mat is your thing, and other motivational features like “3.2.1 Go! Sessions,” which let you pick a specific physical activity and monitor your progress towards that goal.

The new device, which will retail for $149, is better able at separating actual exercise from movement meant to trick the device into registering more “Fuel” points, which is the company’s metric for representing users’ activity.

Nike also announced that the FuelBand SE fitness tracker will only work with Apple devices, dealing a blow to Android users who expected support with the newest device.

During Apple’s iPhone launch last month, the company revealed that the Nike+ Move app is the first program that takes advantage of Apple’s new M7 processor in the iPhone 5S. That “motion coprocessor” continuously measures motion data through the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope, taking it away from Apple’s standard A7 processor. That should allow health apps to constantly collect data without draining the battery too quickly.


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