New LG ad pokes fun on iPhone’s tiny screen and speed of Samsung phones

Samsung and Apple have remained perched atop the smartphone sales charts for quite some time. Other vendors have endlessly vied for third place, and occasionally taking pot shots at their chief competition isn’t unheard of. LG is the latest manufacturer to take aim with a series of targeted advertisements which have begun appearing on Apple, Samsung and HTC phones. Business Insider has collected a sampling of these ads, which include quips such as “Waiting for your Galaxy to catch up?” or “Hard to read this on your iPhone?” One ad seems to be even more explicit, stating the LG G2 has a 20% faster processor than Samsung’s Galaxy S4. AT&T received some flak after making similar claims in relation to its service versus those offered by other carriers, so let’s see how LG fares. A couple of the ads can be seen below.


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