Nexus 5 rumored to be priced at $399 as Nexus 4 LTE version will be released alongside Nexus 5 at $299

There have been plenty of attractive offerings in the Android smartphone market recently, but Google is looking to top them all with the powerful new Nexus 5. And that power will reportedly come at a remarkably affordable price, as Android Geeks claims that the 16GB Nexus 5 will cost just $399 and the larger 32GB Nexus 5 will run for $449 when the handsets launch later this month. Last week, one site reported that the Nexus 5 would be available for the shockingly low price of $299, the same price point that the Nexus 4 originally started at. Now this new report is claiming that the upcoming 4G LTE-capable Nexus 4 refresh will snag the $299 and $349 price points while the new, much more impressive Nexus 5 will start at $399.In the meantime, those interested in the Nexus 5 can enjoy this 7-minute hands-on video.


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