Indian brothers launch Google Street view rival service Wonobo

Mapping solution provider Genesys International in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism in India has announced a new navigation website,, that will host maps with panoramic 360 degree street level view five cities in India. The mapping service will first feature maps for 12 cities and will be expanded to 54 cities. However, the street level views are available for Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata, for now. The company also plans to launch its mobile app in a few weeks.

This service will work like any other mapping service with options to search and explore places, offers navigation support and information about point of interests in an area on map. However, due to security concerns, it does not cover sensitive areas which also include several metro stations in Delhi as well. The service also includes heritage monuments and tourist places like the Taj Mahal in Agra. Recently Google India also collaborated with the Archeological Survey of India added the Street View for 100 historic monuments in India.

Genesys has tied up with local businesses in cities that can have their listings displayed prominently for a fee.


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