Here’s iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S stunning Camera Showdown

It might be more than a year old now, but Apple’s iPhone 5 still has one of the most impressive cameras that has ever been included on a cell phone. In terms of color reproduction and clarity, the iPhone 5 pushed mobile photography to a whole new level. With the iPhone 5s, however, Apple claimed that it made its 8-megapixel camera even more impressive. Early tests suggested that there are indeed some noticeable improvements and an in-depth iPhone 5s camera review came to some pretty impressive conclusions. But we still hadn’t seen a thorough review from a well-respected photographer comparing the iPhone 5s camera to the one on the iPhone 5 — until now.

Via Engadget, travel photographer Austin Mann recently pitted the iPhone 5s camera against the camera from Apple’s previous-generation iPhone 5 while trekking around Patagonia recently. “We climbed mountains, hiked to glaciers, slept in the wilderness… all the while documenting it with these two awesome little camera phones,” Mann wrote.

The resulting shots are absolutely stunning, but they also provide a fantastic and in-depth comparison of the cameras on the 5s and 5. Standard shots and panoramas were taken and compared, and the results are pretty clear… but we won’t spoil the review.

Mann’s full review can be found here!


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