Google People Finder helps find persons displaced during Cyclone Phailin

With the eastern coast of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh on the verge of being hit by Cyclone Phailin, the respective state governments are in the process of evacuating people to safety. Google is again doing its bit by launching the ‘People Finder’ web-app, which will help people find their missing friends or relatives.

This web application is similar to what was launched during the Boston Marathon Bombing in April and the Uttarakhand Floods in June. The tool is very easy to use, with only two buttons on the homepage— one to find a missing person and the other to share information on some person. If you need to search for someone, you click on the green box and any information relating to that person will show up on the results. If you need to share some information, you click on the blue box and you type in the name of the person and the information that you may on them. All the information shared through this tool is available to the public and shared with press agencies, NGOs and others to help keep the database up-to-date.


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