Twitter announces tablet-optimized Android app, available on just one Samsung tablet for now

Android tablet owners have long requested a Twitter app optimized for their tablet’s big display and Twitter has finally heard their pleas…sort of. The company has announced their latest app optimized for Android tablets, but before you get all excited, this app is currently only available for Samsung Galaxy 10.1-2014 Edition.

As expected, the app takes full advantage of the bigger screen and when viewed in landscape mode, it shows everything from tweets, conversations, trends and more. Tweets also expand on the right side to show previews of photos, videos and embedded web links.

Michael Ducker, Senior Product Manager at Twitter also added that having worked with Samsung to develop the app; they will introduce some unique features for Samsung’s tablets that include Multi-screen view, Twitter widget and Illustrations. As the name suggests, multi-screen view lets you work on another app while Twitter is open on one side, the widget brings all the latest updates to one’s homescreen and the illustration feature makes use of the S-Pen to let one doodle or make illustrations on photos.

Other tablets from Samsung and the rest of the manufacturers will get this app by the end of this year.


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