PR claims Samsung acquired Fingerprint Cards for $650m, both companies deny

In one of the most bizarre incidents in recent memory, a press release was issued by Fingerprint Cards, a Swedish company that makes fingerprint sensor modules, that it had been acquired by Samsung for $650 million in cash. The acquisition made sense after Apple launched the iPhone 5S with a fingerprint sensor and HTC on the verge of launching the One Max with one as well. However, it turns out that certainly wasn’t the case and both companies have denied the, wait for it, press release.

A rumor about such an acquisition in itself could boost Fingerprint Cards’ stock value. What we cannot understand at this point of time is why would a company even prepare a press release like that if there is no truth or if it wasn’t talking to Samsung for an acquisition. We don’t think this is the only time we will hear about the two companies in the same article.


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