ArtRage for iPads updated to support pressure sensitive styluses

The ArtRage app for iPads has been updated to version 1.6, which brings in new features and support for pressure sensitive styluses. For those who aren’t familiar, ArtRage is a multi-platform app and a competitor to Adobe Photoshop that lets one paint realistic pictures using a comprehensive set of tools such as watercolors, inking pens and oils among others.

As mentioned above, pressure sensitive Bluetooth styluses like Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus, TenOne Pogo Connect Stylus, and the original model Adonit Jot Touch are now supported in addition to traditional capacitive styluses. These styluses let users get different levels of strokes depending on implies pressure just like in real life.

Other feature updates include, optional tap and hold to select color, improved airbrush strokes and tweaked import popover dismissal, landscape mode drag and color sampler.

The latest version of ArtRage for iPads is available on the App Store for Rs 270.


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