Google acknowledges email to affected users on Gtalk bug that sent messages to unintended people

Google today came clean about the freaky bug that plagued its Gtalk service on September 25. Due to the bug, chat conversations for many users were delivered to people who were sent out to wrong recipients. Google has acknowledged the issue and revealed steps it has taken to minimize the damage caused by it. Read on for the mail Google is sending out to users.

Hello, On September 25 you may have noticed a technical glitch with Google’s chat services, in which some messages intended for one person were sent to another. The issue lasted roughly three and a half hours, and affected a small percentage of users.

We took steps to fix the problem as soon as we discovered it, including removing any messages you sent during that period from everyone’s saved chats. This reduced the chance that people saw content that wasn’t meant for them.

Today we’re putting messages you sent during the glitch back into your saved chats.

No recipients, intended or unintended, will have access to these messages in their saved chats. They’re only visible to you.

Your saved chats will show the contents and unintended recipients of any misdelivered messages.

Some saved chats may not show your intended recipient.

If you’d like to review these saved chats, you can visit them here ( You can delete them entirely, or keep them and start a new conversation. Remember we don’t save off the record chats, so they won’t appear (

We’re very sorry for what happened, and we’re taking steps to make sure issues like this don’t happen in the future.

The Google chat team


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