Facebook partners with STAR in India to provide TV data reports

Facebook has never shied away from taking inspiration from other social networks — especially Twitter — when introducing new features on its platform. After hashtags, verified profiles and trends, now Facebook is battling Twitter to gain the attention of TV networks. The world’s biggest online social network has now tied up with 10 television networks across eight countries, including STAR in India, to share data of what people are talking about television shows on Facebook.

Sometime back, Facebook announced two new APIs on its beta program, which tracked trending topics being discussed among users. It has been using specific interactions relating to TV series and sharing the data to the networks so they can gauge their impact. Facebook today announced that this partnership, which was initially with US networks, is being expanded to over 10 networks in eight countries. According to a report on WSJ, these networks include TF1 in France, Channel 4 in the UK, ARD in Germany, Esporte Interativo in Brazil and STAR networks in India.

This move could be said is again inspired from Twitter, which is already working with Nielsen analytics firm to provide social media data to US TV networks.


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