Skype will soon sync chat messages across devices

Skype has announced to bring an architectural change to its service, which will soon also bring an important update to the chat message synchronization. So unlike now when the app lacks the ability to keep the chat messages status same across devices, the company will resolve this issue over the next few months. Now even if you log in from a different device after a few days of logging out, you will not receive pings for messages, which you had already accessed on some another device. So while you are using Skype across multiple devices, this syncing of app across the devices will help getting rid of this problem. The company has not given an exact time frame for this update but has mentioned it to be coming over the next few months.

Besides this, Microsoft has also introduced a new backend architecture which will leave behind the peer-to-peer model to adopt new technologies which will eat up lesser battery and offer an improved connectivity for a better experience while making calls and even chatting. Apart from enhancing the quality and reliability of Skype-to-Skype calls, the company has also added some new features and worked on better user-data security and protection system.

In addition to that the company has now also added web-based Skype support to The update will also improve push notifications for Windows Phone 8 app which will work even in the offline mode.


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