Line now has 10 million users in India, targets to enter the 20 million club by year end

Third party free voice messaging app Line has announced it has crossed 10 million registered users in India. The Japanese company officially launched in India this July and within three weeks of its launch announced to have reached over 5 million registered users of the app in India, and more than 200 million global users. Now after more than three months from its launch the company claims to have doubled its user-base in India and also aims to double this figure by reaching 20 million user mark by the year end.

To achieve this, Line has partnered with Sony India to offer pre-loaded Line app on selected Sony smartphones including the recently launched Xperia Z1 and Xperia C. Along with this, Sony Music Entertainment and Line have partnered to provide music in various genres including Bollywood, Indipop, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and International music on the app. It has also roped in Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador, who also endorses Sony in India. The company has also announced to offer free India-exclusive stickers featuring photographs of Katrina Kaif for uts users. The company had earlier said that it would focus on the Bollywood industry and would add celebrity-based stickers in its sticker store. On the marketing front, Line will launch its new TV commercial campaign featuring Katrina Kaif on October 11.

Line had recently added Vine-like free video sharing feature to further compete against other apps.

Talking specifically about India, which is considered to be one of the hot markets for messenger apps like Line, WeChat, WhatsApp, Hike and more, there are several app players competing in this segment. While Line has reached 10 million registered users, it is still behind WeChat which announced to have surpassed 20 million users in India in August this year. In August WhatsApp also revealed that India accounted for over 20 million monthly active users. The company has more than 300 million active users globally and is still adding more users to this figure. And with Line now targeting to get 20 million users of its app, the competition will only intensify further. However, it is not only these independent application players, but BlackBerry too will soon enter the arena with the launch of its BBM app for Android and iOS. The app has 60 million users on BlackBerry alone, and with this multiplatform interface, it could affect the market for other IM players. Moreover, recently Samsung’s in-house messenger app ChatOn also crossed 100 million users globally. And if that is not it, there are other IMs like Facebook messenger app as well as Google’s Hangout app also fighting to acquire a relevant user-base in this competition.


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