Google Chrome beta for Windows 8 update mimics Chrome OS

Google has released a new Dev Channel version of its Chrome browser for Windows 8, which looks as well as behave a lot like the Chrome OS for the platform. Interestingly, the app will now bring the Chrome OS experience within the Microsoft Windows 8 Start UI, and will also carry the ‘Metro’ look of the platform. First reported by The Verge, this update comes as an extension to the Google’s recently launched Chrome App initiative which helped users launch the Chrome apps even outside of the Chrome browser.

So while the Chrome app for Windows 8 will bring a number of changes, it will basically feature a UI and functionality that will remind one of the Chrome OS. So with this update, the app will launch from within the Windows 8 Start Screen but will not run as a fullscreen browser like earlier. Instead this new Start screen version of the browser will come with the Chrome OS-like taskbar and other features. It will be able to run the Chrome desktop app as well as feature other web app icons like for Gmail, Google, Docs, and YouTube. One can also reposition these icons at the left, right or bottom of the screen. Also, it will allow one to create multiple windows like one does on the Chrome OS for Windows 8, though one will not be able to change the wallpaper like the latter.

Knowing that Chrome 32 is released as a dev version, one might get impressed with the tweaks but will not find it perfectly stable. However, this is just the beginning and we expect Google to bring improvements in the functionality in future.


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