Apple iPhone 5S motion sensors found to be significantly miscalibrated

Apple launched the iPhone 5S last month and the company which is always associated with premium build quality is staring at a potentially embarrassing situation. A contingent of iPhone 5S buyers have complained about their phone’s sensors being inaccurate. To test these claims, Gizmodo ran some tests on two separate iPhone 5s units and both returned inaccurate readings for the device’s accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope.

To test the device’s leveling calibration, they put the iPhone 5S against a Stanley spirit level and found the device’s readings nearly 2-3 degrees off. For the device’s gyroscope sensor, they put the device on a level table alongside an iPhone 5. The results were once again shocking as the former was -3 degrees off the iPhone 5’s readings. This affects games that heavily rely on sensors and not surprisingly, a test running Real Racing 3 showed the car steering left when held against a level table. The compass readings too on the devices too were nearly 8-10 degrees off.

It’s unclear if this is a hardware or a software problem, nor is it known how widespread the problem actually is. Though Gizmodo acknowledges that its tests are far from conclusive, there’s enough proof that Apple could have a tough time answering harried buyers. That said, it is a problem that could be rectified with a software update or tweaking the calibration tools.


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