Google acquires gesture-based interface development startup Flutter

Flutter, the startup that created a gestured-based music controller for iTunes and Spotify, has been acquired by Google according to a splash page on the company’s website. The Flutter app used a computer’s webcam to detect hand gestures for starting, stopping, or switching songs on iOS, OS X, and Windows. Aside from iTunes and Spotify, Flutter is compatible with a variety other apps, including Quicktime Player, Rdio, and even Google Chrome.

Based on the existing Chrome integration (which allows for control of Netflix, YouTube, Grooveshark, and Pandora), it’s possible that Google is looking into some kind of gesture controls for browsing the web. However, the technology could be for a wide range of uses such as Google Glass, which currently uses gestures across a touch-sensitive bar on the side of the unit.

Google has not yet confirmed the acquisition.


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