Amazon said to be readying a 3D-enabled and a budget smartphone

Kindle-maker Amazon has entered the smartphone race and is said to be readying two new devices. According to TechCrunch Amazon’s first smartphone— codenamed ‘Smith’— boasts a 3D user interface, while the other device will be a budget smartphone.

According to the report, later this year Amazon will unveil a budget smartphone running on a basic variant of the software running on the Kindle Fire. Rumors circulating around claim that this software will include unique features one of which will allow users to identify real world objects and match them to products in Amazon’s store so you can purchase them.

The other device though is a bit more interesting. Codenamed ‘Smith’, this smartphone will boast a 3D UI. But unlike iOS 7, which uses the phone’s accelerometer to give a parallax effect, Amazon’s smartphone will use up to 4 front cameras to project a 3D effect. These cameras will track the user’s head and eyes and accordingly adjust the UI, so it looks like a 3D display. But this device, the report says, will only arrive sometime in the next year.

All this sounds very interesting, but there is no way of knowing if and when they will reach the public. Not surprisingly, there’s no word on when these devices will come to India either.


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