John McAfee wants to sell you a $100 device that will prevent NSA from spying on you

John McAfee is one of the strangest characters in the tech world, and for a while everyone thought he might be a murderer, so it only comes as a moderate shock that his most recent plans involve thwarting the NSA. Future Tense Central is the homepage for the D-Central device, which McAfee claims will create a private network for a small group of users that cannot be traced by any outside sources. D-Central has supposedly been in the planning phases for several years, but a countdown on Future Tense Central is currently leading up to next March, when a prototype of the device might see the light of day. If McAfee’s plans do come to fruition, D-Central will sell for less than $100 and NSA analysts will no longer be able snoop on our files or, even worse, attempt to date us.


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