Facebook Graph Search update includes posts, status updates, check ins and comments

Facebook today has added a new feature to its recently introduced Graph Search which works as a search engine within the social network. Starting from today, Facebook Graph search users will also be able to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins as well as comments and look for things shared with them. This addition will improve the search experience of a user by adding more dimensions to their search results. However, the feature is being rolled out to a selected number of people using Graph Search for now.

So basically if a user is searching for say a new movie title, they will now not only be able to see the posts with that movie title but will also be able to check comments including it or tags related to the movie. Similarly a user searching for ‘name of friends going to the Qutub event’ can now not only see the name of friends but will also be able to see related posts, check-ins, status updates, posts with related tags, comments and even photos on the basis of this search item.

On the content-security and privacy, Facebook says it has ensured the user-content safety for these new updates. So like with other things in Graph Search, the search will be restricted and a user will only be able to search for the content that has been shared with them. However, these search items will include posts shared publicly by people as well. A user can tweak the privacy shortcuts and activity log to review who can see the things they share.

Facebook says that the feature will be available to a selected group first to test the feature and improve it on the basis of user’s feedback before a wider roll-out.


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