Apple is testing flexible OLED displays for iWatch

Rumors of Apple’s “iWatch” have prompted a number of rival electronics vendors to embrace wearable computing with open arms. While there is still no firm sign from Cupertino that the company actually has a smartwatch in the works, rumors continue to trickle out and the latest report may offer some insight into the purported device’s design. According to a brief report from South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo, Apple is testing at least three different designs that feature flexible plastic OLED displays. One iWatch prototype that includes a 1.5-inch display has already been made, according to the paper’s source. The report also suggests that other designs being tested include a 1.3-inch display and a 1.4-inch display.

Earlier reports also suggested that Apple may be testing iWatch designs that utilize flexible OLED display panels. The device itself is not expected to be flexible, of course, but the use of a flexible panel would allow Apple to create a curved screen similar to the one seen in the concept render above.

Apple’s iWatch will reportedly debut sometime in the second half next year, and it will reportedly cost between $149 and $229.


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