Watch Steve Ballmer’s tearful farewell to Microsoft

This time next year, the often eccentric Steve Ballmer will no longer be at the helm of Microsoft. Though he’s had his share of controversies, there’s no denying that many will miss this larger-than-life character. Now, The Verge has uploaded a video of Ballmer’s farewell speech to the Microsoft’s employees.

The farewell speech, not unlike many of his keynote addresses is intense and heavy with emotions. Ballmer is in tears throughout and with words like, “Microsoft is like the fourth child to me. Children do leave the house, but I guess in this case I’m leaving the house,” it is clear just how much Ballmer is going to miss the company. The gathered employees too show their support and love for the man, shouting “We love you,” when he takes a pause. But Ballmer, the company man that he is, replies modestly, “It’s not about one person, it’s about the company.” His speech quite fittingly ends with the song, ‘Time of my Life’ from the movie Dirty Dancing.

Find the video of that farewell speech here. Word of advice, have some tissues handy.


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