Nokia to debut new Storyteller app at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi

With Nokia World less than a month away, new details are leaking about what Nokia could announce at its annual event. The latest leak is a new Storyteller app, which it seems, would run on both Windows Phone 8 (with GDR3) as well as Windows RT, which means it would come on both the Lumia 2520 tablet (codenamed Sirius) and the Lumia 1520 phablet (codenamed Bandit). The screenshots, courtesy our favorite leaker @evleaks suggests Storyteller would be a substitute gallery app.

Storyteller would categorize photos according to when and where they were taken. Users will be able to see photos according to the time, place (on a map) or album (moments). The timeline would also show photos according to months. The idea seems to be similar to the new photo album app on iOS 7 that automatically segregates photos according to moments. Of course, it looks much better on Windows UI layout with a more intelligent, contextually aware positioning and sizing of photos. An app like this would make sense to debut on devices with bigger and higher resolution 1080p HD displays to utilize the bigger canvas.

Apart from these two Lumia devices, Nokia is expected to unveil three Asha phones – the Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503 – as well as an NFC ‘Treasure Tag’ accessory at the event that will take place in Abu Dhabi on October 22.


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