Sony India will soon start acceptin pre-orders for the PlayStation 4, confirms 2013 launch

Are you waiting to get your hands on the forthcoming PlayStation 4? Then you won’t have to wait long, as Sony will soon put up the next-gen console for pre-order. According to an announcement on its India website, the Japanese company will soon put the console up for pre-orders before launching it later this year.

The timing of this announcement is consistent with what Sony India’s PlayStation division representatives had previously told. Even Sony India’s country head for PlayStation, Atindriya Bose was quoted saying that the European launch of the PS4 will be matched in India save for delay of a month for logistical reasons. The latest announcement though is still vague in terms of a launch date though it does mention a 2013 launch.

The next-gen console has already been up for pre-orders on Indian gaming website The website is accepting Rs 3,000 as a deposit to book the console, which will later be deducted from the total amount. The pre-ordered product will be available seven days prior to the launch of the console.

You can find the complete list of launch titles for the PS4 here.


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