MobileBench consortium led by Samsung formed to offer better mobile benchmarking tools

When it comes to calculating a device’s hardware performance, there are quite a few apps and services available for use, but more often than not each gives a different result or benchmark. In order to create a more centralized way of assessing the performance of mobile devices a number of tech companies have formed a consortium called MobileBench, Engadget reports.

This consortium includes some big name players like Samsung, Broadcom, Huawei, Oppo and Spreadturm. Its main aim is to offer tools that are more reliable and use a more sophisticated system to provide benchmarks, while reducing the discrepancies every time tests are repeated. The first tools to be offered by the group will be MobileBench and MobileBench-UX, for testing system-level applications. The MobileBench tool, it is said, will assess video and image viewing, camera use and other processes that are often used in our day-to-day lives.

Though the consortium boasts some big names, it also misses out on others like Nvidia and Qualcomm, which are responsible for powering many of today’s well known devices. It will be interesting to follow the rise of this group as it looks for new members and works towards developing that go-to mobile benchmarking tool.


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