Microsoft to support Xbox One for next 10 years

Microsoft has gone lengths to maintain their position in the next-gen war; although the company doesn’t necessarily have a handle on PR and popularity, they’ve made continual strides to face Sony in a battle for dominance of the console gaming industry.

Tasks like optimizing the Xbox One’s cloud network or tweaking last-minute hardware boosts take quite a bit of dedication, and Microsoft isn’t about to abandon their newly forged system–especially after putting in all of those resources into the Xbox One’s development.

At this year’s Eurogamer Expo, Microsoft’s Phil Harrison revealed that the company would support the Xbox One for “more than ten years”–a span that’s understandable given the millions that they’ve invested in the console altogether, including software, hardware costs, development, etc.

“For us, it’s not just about the launch date. It is about the start of the journey where the console will be improved and will be adapted and changed.

“[The] Xbox One is looking at a more than 10-year journey.”

This timeframe fits in line with the average retail lifespan of a console, and a decade-long span is a good bout of time that will see a plethora of games and gives developers a nice cycle to get the very best out of the console.

For those Xbox 360 owners who are worried about being phased out, Microsoft will keep on supporting their current-gen predecessor for three more years, which puts the Xbox 360 at the eleven-year mark.

Also gamers worldwide wouldn’t be too happy if Microsoft decided to jump ship and make a brand new console a few years after the Xbox One was released–but the exorbitant costs of finances and resources would be too high so we shouldn’t see this happen.

At the expo, Harrison also proclaimed that the Xbox One’s graphics could be improved by the cloud network, as the console would be able to offload a variety of content to dedicate CPUs in the cloud, thereby making certain aspects more efficient–graphics, lighting, etc.

For now Xbox One fans all over the world can anticipate more than a decade of gaming and entertainment, with a multitude of content offerings, updates, and new releases to continue the ever-turning wheel of the console gaming industry.

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox One releases in various markets on Nov. 22, 2013 for a price point of $499. For more information please visit the official Xbox Wire site.


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