Google Search for mobile gets new look and features, iOS app to get reminder push notifications

Celebrating 15 years of Google Search, Google today announced new improvements in its mobile search apps. It will release an update to its iOS app that will bring reminder notifications and other features that are currently available on the Android version and also enable a seamless experience across a user’s multiple devices. Google also announced that its search page for mobile devices including smartphones and tablets will get a new design with a cleaner look.

The new Google Search app for mobile devices will work across multiple devices. So a reminder set on one device will be reflected on other devices where the user is signed in to their Google account. The new Google Search page on mobile devices will be easier to use with results clustered in individual cards.

Google has also added new features to its Knowledge Graph. Some of these include a filter tool when the search query has multiple categories of results. Another tool will make it simple to compare two things, which could be as abstract as comparing olive oil with butter. Google says it will keep adding more tools.

Google is focussing on voice search, emphasizing its goal to make search more conversational than focussed on keywords. Google’s voice search on desktop is already headed in that direction with the “Ok Google” command and how it remembers the context of the user’s subsequent searches and links it to the previous one. Google is now bringing the same to mobile devices.


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