15% of U.S. adults still don’t use the Internet

Considering just how much time we spend online every day, it’s hard to fathom a life completely devoid of an Internet connection. Yet according to a recent poll by Pew Internet, “15% of American adults ages 18 and older do not use the internet or email.” Pew went on to ask why these adults didn’t get online, and only 19% of non-internet users cited the cost of a computer or an internet subscription as the primary cause. Most people, as many as 34%, said the Internet is just not relevant to their interests — they have better things to do. The second most popular reason was usability. 32% of non-users say that the Internet is complicated and frustrating, or that they just don’t feel physically comfortable attempting to maneuver cyberspace. The full chart from Pew Internet can be found below.


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