iPhone 5S survives fall, water dunk but succumbs to .50 caliber bullet [Video]

Smartphone torture tests are among the few things everyone loves. Who would mind watching a phone being thrown on concrete slabs, dunked in water and the likes? Remember the famous “Will it blend?” series? RatedRR takes torture test to an altogether different level with an iPhone 5S (gold, no less) being subjected to all kinds of abuses, which ends in the destruction of the iPhone, using a .50 cal Berretta.

Initially, the device is dropped on the ground where it gets damaged and develops a crack, but still works. The next stress test involves the phone being dropped on concrete and surprisingly; the phone does not get damaged. Lastly, the phone is dipped in a bowl of water and then dried in sunlight for 15 minutes. Again the phone passes and switches on. Even the fingerprint scanner works.

Finally, it’s put to the sword as the phone is shot at using a .50 cal Berretta. The first shot goes flush through the center of the display leaving a massive hole in the middle. The final shot basically decimates the device. Mind you, the following video is not for the fainthearted and viewer discretion is advised.


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