Samsung’s Galaxy S5 rumored to feature metal case

Sometimes the tech industry is just too poetic. Samsung is once again rumored to be prepping a huge change for its flagship Galaxy S5 that will debut in the second quarter next year. The smartphone giant has been widely criticized for releasing high-end smartphones that feel cheap and flimsy due to their thin plastic cases, and a new report suggests next year’s Galaxy S5 might change that.

According to Taipei Times, Taiwan-based component supplier Catcher Technology is likely to receive orders for a metal casing that will house Samsung’s new Galaxy S5. The site says Barclays analysts made the claim in a research note after sniffing around Catcher, and the idea of a metal S5 case mirrors similar reports from earlier this year. The report also suggests production will begin in the first quarter next year, suggesting the Galaxy S5 may launch sometime in the second quarter.

The irony in all this, of course, is that Samsung has repeatedly been called an Apple copycat but despite years of cries for an aluminum flagship Galaxy phone, Samsung might finally take the leap now that Apple has moved back to plastic on the iPhone 5c.


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