HTC facing manufacturing issues with the One Mini

Earlier in the year, HTC was hit hard as it grappled with manufacturing issues with its flagship One smartphone. It appears history is repeating itself as HTC is facing similar problems with its mid-range sibling, the HTC One Mini, according to a Reuters report.

Reportedly, the company is facing a shortage in the casing arising from design difficulties. Additionally, the company is not able to meet demand and can only ship 200,000 units a month. The flagship HTC One had to be delayed due to a shortage of the UltraPixel camera module.

The idea behind the HTC One Mini was to bring the same premium design and feature set to the masses. At the same time, HTC shaved up a bit on the cost by adding more plastic bits to its anodized aluminum chasis, but it appears this still is not enough.

Unlike Samsung, HTC is not massive juggernaut that can produce devices at scale and at that fallibility of the company is coming to the fore.


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