Fake iMessage app for Android found not to be safe for users

Apple’s iMessage provides for perhaps the most simplistic messaging solution that integrates a normal SMS and an Internet-enabled IM. The problem is that it is only available for users of Apple products. Now, there is an unofficial iMessage app for Android too which goes by the name of iMessage Chat. It allows Android users to chat with their friends using the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and OS X powered machines using iMessage. The app also emulates the look and feel of the app on Apple’s platform, at least the version that was being used before iOS 7 was released publically.

It is not the greatest idea to use the app because it not only circumvents Apple’s restrictions, the data does not go directly to Apple’s servers, but rather gets piggy backed via servers in China.

The Verge is reporting that the app is only working between Android devices, but in our tests we were able to achieve communication between an Android smartphone and the iPhone. Famed Apple jailbreaker, Saurik aka Jay Freeman notes that the app manages to bypass Apple’s restrictions by masquerading as a Mac Mini.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith notes the app also has the ability to download and install software in the background. This means that the app can easily install malware in the background, without the user knowing. Surprisingly, Google’s new ‘Bouncer’ security feature for the Play Store has not red flagged this app, till now.

Considering there is no dearth of cross platform alternatives like Whats App, Google Hangouts, We Chat, Line messenger and incoming BBM app for both iOS and Android, using this app is simply foolhardy.


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