Entry-Level Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumored to launch in November with LCD display

A new rumor from Korean shores suggests that Samsung will launch a low-cost version of Galaxy Note 3 with LCD display and 8MP camera in November.

By now, you should know that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is available in many versions with one featuring a Snapdragon 800 chipset while other is powered by the Exynos 5 Octa. According to new reports, Samsung has another version of Galaxy Note 3 in the pipeline too which is rumored to be launched by November.

There were rumors circulating all over the internet that Samsung is also working on a low-cost variant for Galaxy Note 3, which will feature LCD display. According to ETNews, the same source who made the claim about the low-cost Galaxy Note 3, mentions that Samsung had plans to release a cheaper version of its flagship phablet at the same event in Berlin, but the launch was pushed back as the Korean OEM didn’t want to affect the sales of the high-end Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which was released earlier this month. As a result, the entry-level phablet is expected to see the daylight sometime in November now.

The major difference apart from the LCD display is the camera. The affordable Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to feature 8MP camera compared to 13MP in the high-end Galaxy Note 3. Apparently, there is no news about the pricing of the phablet, but these two components should have a considerable effect on its price.

While ETNews has a decent track record when it comes to rumors related to Samsung, a grain of salt is still recommended.


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