Cyanogen Inc. is teaming up with Oppo ahead of the N1 launch

Cyanogen, darling of the Android ROM community, recently decided to commercialize to speed up development efforts and have indicated that they would be collaborating with a hardware vendor to showcase their OS. It looks like Oppo will be the first OEM on-board for Cyanogen.

Steve Kondik, founder and CFO of Cyanogen, mentioned in a video that aired on Oppo’s YouTube channel that he is going to be at the N1 launch event on September 23rd in Beijing, and that there is exciting news ahead. That is as close a confirmation as we have till now as to who will be the first hardware vendor for the newly created Cyanogen Inc. In a way, the move makes sense as Oppo’s devices, like the Find 5, featured great hardware, but was found lacking in the UI section. So it would be logical for Oppo to align themselves with someone who knows how to make a great UI.

Also, Oppo has confirmed that the N1 will feature a 5.9-inch full-HD screen. Other rumors and leaked images indicate that the device will feature an aluminium unibody construction, a 12 megapixel camera that features N-lens and a Xenon flash, and a touch panel at the back of the device. The N1 is said to cost around $650, which is what flagship devices like the HTC One cost now. Considering the feature-set as well as the camera, the N1 might just be worth the asking price. It is set for an unveiling on September 23rd, so we should know more then.


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