Apple CEO Tim Cook joins Twitter

Here’s something you wouldn’t have expected from Apple’s former CEO. The current CEO has officially joined the microblogging network. The Tim Cook Twitter account is up and running, and its verified.

A lot of changes have been witnessed at the company since Tim Cook took over from Steve Jobs a couple of years ago. The company has expanded its product lines like it has never done before, case in point, the iPhone 5C and the iPad mini. Moreover, there has been reshuffling of executives at the top as well, with former software chief Scott Forstall being shown the door. Apple’s CEO has now ventured out onto the most popular medium for public interaction, and it looks like he’s there to stay.

Word first broke of his appearance on Twitter a few hours ago, the account wasn’t verified by then. His first tweet, which is about visiting Apple Retail Store in Palo Alto on the launch day of both new iPhones, was retweeted by Phil Schiller, another top executive at the company. He has a verified account, so a retweet from him meant that Tim Cook really did join Twitter. Cook’s own account has been verified now, so there are no lingering questions about authenticity. As of this writing, he has 203,821 followers.

It will be interesting to see how Tim Cook leverages Twitter to connect with millions of customers, critics and fans around the world. He has only tweeted once, future updates will indicate how this account is going to be put to use.


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