AirPlay Mirroring on Android is coming soon

One of Apple’s marquee features, AirPlay Mirroring, will be available on Android phones running CyanogenMod.

If we thought the sudden influx of $7 million would have a detrimental effect on the “hacker spirit” within CyanogenMod then we could not have been more wrong. While the company still works to accomplish its newly founded goals, the development of new features has not stopped. One such feature is AirPlay Mirroring. AirPlay Mirroring is Apple’s proprietary streaming protocol that allows wireless streaming of what’s on an iOS device onto a HDTV or compatible AirPlay device through Apple TV. It is one of the most sought after features and one that truly “just works”. And now it will be available on Android.

CyanogenMod VP of Engineering Koushik Dutta has demoed AirPlay Mirroring running on an HTC One. He has also worked on bringing support for other streaming protocols to Android in the past and AirPlay will be the next target on the list. This isn’t the first time AirPlay Mirroring on Android has been tested. There are a few third party apps the Google Play Store that accomplish this but because of the nature of any third party app, they have been quite limited in their feature set. What the video above demonstrates is AirPlay built into the OS.

Koushik Dutta hasn’t given any solid release date for this feature other than “coming soon”, but when it will be available it will be yet another feather in the cap for CyanogenMod.


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