iPhone 5S teardown shows larger battery and few surprises too

So what does the iPhone 5s look like on the inside? Because it’s an “S”-model, you won’t be surprised to learn that it’s very similar internally to the iPhone 5. That said, the Australian iPhone teardown specialists at iExperts did find a couple of intriguing differences between Apple’s last two flagship smartphones that are worth mentioning. The first is an extra  cable that connects the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to the device’s charging port and the second is a slightly narrower logic board that Apple designed to accommodate the 5s’s larger battery. We already knew that the iPhone 5s’s 1570mAh battery would be larger than the iPhone 5′s 1440mAh battery but it’s still nice to get some confirmation from an official teardown. Minus these two changes, however, iExperts says that “it doesn’t seem that Apple have drastically changed the internal layout.”


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