Google takes on Apple’s iWork by making QuickOffice free for everyone, gives 10GB free space too

Earlier this month, Apple made its iWork apps free for all users buying a new Apple device. In what is a clear stab at this strategy, Google has made its own QuickOffice suite free for both Android and iOS platform. Earlier, only Google Apps for Business subscribers could download the app for free, while the rest had to shell out around Rs 450 for the professional version.

From now on any person with a Google account can download the app for free and use it to view or edit Office documents stored on the Google Drive. Additionally, Google is also offering an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for the next two years to anyone who signs up for the QuickOffice suite using their Google account before September 26.

Google acquired QuickOffice earlier this year to improve its online Google Docs suite of services, which was renamed to Google Drive. With QuickOffice, users can access all Office files stored on their Google Drive and edit them. They will also be able to access Microsoft Office files and edit them without converting them to Google Docs

You can head over to the Play Store or the App Store to download QuickOffice.


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