Google redesigns its logo and homepage

Google announced a new logo today, and also unveiled the new navigation bar, which will be rolling out across many of its services over the coming weeks.

Yahoo overhauled its logo earlier this month, and Microsoft has followed suit by unveiling a new logo for Bing earlier this week. Google has announced today that it will also make the switch to a flatter logo, which features a refined color palette and subtle changes to the letter shapes of the Google logo.

Google also announced that a redesigned navigation bar will be rolling out across many of its services soon. Gone is the horizontal black navigation bar that contained links to Google’s services. The new navigation menu can be found next to the Google+ share button and account info, and looks similar to the app launcher on Chrome OS. Clicking on the button gives you access to an app grid which contains Google’s services.

The app grid currently lists services like Google+, Search, YouTube, Maps, Play, News, Gmail, Drive and Calendar, and clicking on the “More” button at the bottom will give you access to more services like Translate, Books, Offers, Wallet, Blogger and Finance.

The new navigation menu was first seen by users on Google+, and will likely be rolled out on other Google sites including Search, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube and more in the coming weeks.


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