Microsoft to launch Xbox-live compatible currency cards in India

Microsoft is planning to introduce currency cards in India, which will work with Xbox Live, Windows 8 and Windows Phone according to MCV India. The move comes after Microsoft has decided to retire Microsoft points, which was used for digital purchases.

Reportedly, once the card is used it is added to the users Microsoft account and from there it can be used across Xbox-Live, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The prepaid cards will be available for Rs 1,699 and Rs 3,399.

Probably, this will be a solution that will be more attractive to users who were averse to the idea of using Microsoft points, and it will encourage more digital purchases especially in India.

The report quotes, Microsoft India’s head for Xbox, Anshu Mor, who confirms the report. “I think this provides huge scope, It opens up the entire Xbox Live experience through connected devices like PCs and tablets, and that’s extremely exciting for us. We’re looking forward to being in the phone, tablet and PC isles at retail, showcasing the currency system. That’s going to dramatically help us in terms of Xbox Live adoption, which is central to our strategy in the country.”

“The fact that the currency is made available across multiple platforms and multiple screens gives you the ability to use it at will. You no longer have to just spend it on Xbox 360 games on Xbox Live, but you can also buy apps and games on the Windows Store. Once we bring in more entertainment content, that’s when consumers will also know where to spend their money. I think consumers will see a lot of value in taking these cards up.”


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