Dell unveils Inspiron 11priced at $380, touchscreen laptop with Windows 8.1 and Haswell power

Dell’s fall from grace in the PC market has been as abrupt as painful, seeing the once leading company’s market share drop with 5 points between 2006 and 2012 and sales numbers catastrophically collapse.

Now (or rather in 2012) sitting at number three in the PC sales ranks and having even that position threatened by Acer, Dell has been forced to consider changing its ways, which apparently will see the Texas-based computer maker focus a lot more on mobility and affordability. As a direct consequence, an 8-inch Venue tablet has been announced just last week, a mystery 10-incher is also almost certainly coming, as is an 11-inch Inspiron laptop. I mean netbook. Mini-laptop? Oh, to hell with this hollow categorization. It is what it is. Meaning an 11-inch computing machine with a touch-enabled panel, decent amount of oomph beneath the hood, sleek looks and, most importantly, very low price. Well, very low price is probably a little bit of an overstatement, but I think we can all agree $350 is not a fortune all things considered.

Set to go on sale in early October, the Inspiron 11 will pack an undetailed AMD CPU in its basic configuration, while Intel Haswell-based models will start at $379. No words on display resolution just yet (don’t get your hopes up), but Dell does claim the $380 Inspiron 11 is capable of running for over eight hours on a single charge, which is darn impressive. Meanwhile, though the 11-incher is not the most elegant or robust laptop in the world, being covered in plastic rather than premium metal, it does at least weigh in at 3.15 pounds and measures 0.83 inches thick. What else? Well, you’ll be getting 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of HDD storage (not in the entry-level config, though), Gorilla Glass protection for that touchscreen and even USB 3.0 connectivity. Plus, Windows 8.1 out the box, which is surely a nice little bonus for an overall solid list of features. Welcome back, Dell, and nice to see you step up your game for once.


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