Google acquires Bump, Android phones’ data sharing capabilities are about to get big Bump

Near field communications (NFC) technology hasn’t really taken off like many people expected but that isn’t stopping Google from trying to make it easier for users to quickly share data with one another between their smartphones. Google on Monday acquired Bump, a company that develops a mobile app that lets users zap their data to one another on their smartphones across different platforms by bumping their phones together. So while Samsung’s Galaxy devices can only zip data to other Galaxy devices using NFC, Bump lets all smartphones that have it installed send data to one another whether they’re based on iOS, Android or other platforms.

Bump CEO David Lieb announced his company’s acquisition by Google in a company blog post and said that he “couldn’t be more thrilled to join Google, a company that shares our belief that the application of computing to difficult problems can fundamentally change the way that we interact with one another and the world.” He also said that for the time being that Bump users shouldn’t expect to see any changes to how the app works.


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