IDC: Tablet shipments to surpass PC shipments in Q4

Tablet shipments are all set to overtake PC shipments in the Q4 2013 and annually by 2015 according to a report published by IDC. The overall connect device market is expected to grow by 27.8 percent year over year in 2013, which is slightly lower than 30.3 percent growth in 2012. This also due to the fact that the growth of the PC market has been reduced by 10 percent and this market will largely grow because of smartphones and tablets.

Smartphones are expected to account for 69 percent of all connected devices by 2015 with shipments eclipsing 1.4 billion units by 2015. By 2017, the PC shipments are expected to drop to only 13 percent of the entire connected devices kitty, while tablets will stand at 16.5 percent and smartphones will account for 70.5 percent.

It is being noted that the tablet market share will increase due to white box tablets and trade in programs by companies like Apple. This will also result in the tapering of revenue streams.


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